Adam Budgen

Plantar Plate Repairs

A letter from a patient who had Plantar Plate Repair surgery performed by Mr Adam Budgen

Dear Mr Budgen,

I came to see you in June 2015 having had almost three years of problems with walking following a painful experience walking the Cotswold Way in 2012.
I now realise the problems had been long in coming. I had had in increasing discomfort over the years, constantly trying new boots, socks and insoles. The Cotswold Way was where the situation, after day 2 became very painful and can only be described as walking with a stone or marble situated in the ball of your foot between the 2nd & 3rd Metatarsal.

There followed the three years of trying different solutions, consulting with chiropodists,  resting, trying again only to have the problem reoccur and resting again.  By the time I came to you I had not walked on the fells since 2012 and thought that I possibly might not again. Given that prior to my ankle reconstruction fifteen years ago, I had given my feet some hammering with road and fell running I  thought I’d probably have to reflect on the enjoyment I’d had over the years.

On 23rd October you performed the operation on the 2nd & 3rd Metatarsal. On 3rd December (Week 6) the protective Boot was removed. I was able to walk immediately and having had some experience of rehab with the ankle, focused on non impact  exercise using the bikes and XTrainers at the gym, supplemented by some stretching. Over the following  eight weeks I gradually increased the intensity, the foot swelling decreased week on week and by week 12 I was out with my walking boots, doing a gentle 7 miles and as I write this note following a day of bog hopping (Week 14) I can report that I have no pain in the foot and no after effects following walking on both stony tracks and strength sapping bogs.

This is early days (I have some stiffness which goes after the first few steps) and that I have another 9 months before I can expect the body to fully repair itself.  However I could and did not expect the operation to have such an impact so soon.  Not to have the pain is both a relief and a joy and now allows me to resume my hobbies.  My other hobby being Barbershop singing, at which I had experienced discomfort just standing on the risers,  which we have to do over two-three hours of rehearsal. That discomfort is now almost gone.

I can only offer you and your team many thanks for giving me the opportunity to resume aspects of my life which I feared might not be possible again.  I should also like to take this opportunity to comment on the excellent way in which the overall process was conducted by the hospital, from entry as a day patient to discharge and the nursing treatment provided by the Tadcaster Medical Centre.

My sincere thanks

R. J.


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