Adam Budgen

Joint Resurfacing

Feedback from a patient, who had Joint Resurfacing performed by Mr. Adam Budgen

I was involved in a serious car accident at the age of 27, when I sustained fractures to both of my feet.  The break to my right foot was not as straightforward a break as the one I had in my left foot, I had damaged the joint beneath my right big toe.  At the time of my NHS review six weeks from my accident the doctor had a quick look at my X-Rays, said I was healing as well as could be expected and I could be on my way, I could start thinking about weight bearing and physiotherapy was needed.  His parting comment was, "you'll most likely get arthritis in that..." pointing at my right foot, and with that he was gone, onto his next patient after barely five minutes of his time.

Unfortunately the Consultant was right, I had post traumatic osteoarthritis and the pain was constant.  My motivation went out of the window as my mobility was restricted.  Upon asking a physiotherapist and a surgeon for advice I was told the best fix for my foot would most likely be to fuse the joint.  This would ease the pain in my foot but would mean my mobility would remain severely affected.  However, I was put in touch with Mr Adam Budgen whose approach was like a breath of fresh air, he gave me a range of options and offered his opinion on each.  He wanted to give me the best range of motion in my foot, to get me back to as near normal as possible.  The injury had left me only able to wear Ugg boots and I was desperate to be able to wear shoes again.  Most importantly, I wanted my mobility and motivation back.

I decided upon joint resurfacing with a right hemicap, with Mr Budgen's guidance, and it was without doubt the right decision.  Although I am not pain free (I was aware of this from the start, once broken it never quite goes back how it once was) it is much improved.  I am able to wear flat leather shoes and boots which I'm thrilled with.  Most importantly it means I am now walking far more normally so I'm not experiencing the back and hip problems I was suffering before my operation.

I will be eternally grateful to Mr Budgen for giving me the best possible opportunity to get back the mobility I once had and for giving me a much better quality of life.

I'm gradually increasing the distance when I go walking, I can manage about 4 miles now before I admit defeat, I'm stubborn and hope to improve greatly on this!!  Thank you so much for what you have done, it's given me back what I thought had gone forever.

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