Adam Budgen

Ankle Fusion

Before and after a double ankle fusion performed by Adam Budgen

I had my first Ankle Fusion aged 49. I had played football and many other sports for many years resulting in wearing away my cartlidge in both ankles which left bone rubbing on bone causing great discomfort and pain.

After several meetings with consultants it was decided that an Ankle Fusion was going to be the best source of treatment. I was told that i would loose movement in my foot but there would be no more pain and that I would be able to walk pain free. No brainer for me and after 6-8 months I was walking with no pain and no limping.

It was only a matter of time before the right ankle really needed the same treatment but there was a doubt that a double ankle fusion would be a good idea. But after discussion with my surgeon Mr Budgeon I decided to go ahead, and let me tell everybody its the best decision that I could have made.

I have made a full recovery from both ops and I am walking pain free and although I have restricted movement in both ankles this is of no concern to me. I am able to walk round and play golf with no bother at all. Anybody wishing to discuss this with me feel free to e-mail.

M. T.

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